Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 8 - Sexy Strikes Again! Yukino's Sister is No Good!

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 8th episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru which concludes the Rumi arc and slowly hints more of Yukino's past. We also get plenty of gorgeous shots of Yui<3

Definitely going into my top 10 list

The episode starts off with a hilarious scene between our trap Saika and Hikky. He wakes up with Saika right there and all he can think of is "Morning after" if you guys know catch his drift ;) Seriously, it was a hilarious open scene the way he kept repeating it. And honestly, how can Saika not be a girl?!

Another funny scene was when Hikky was reminiscing about his past and how no girls wanted to touch him while they danced so he ended up doing the Air Oklahoma Mixer xD

"So I ended up doing the 'Air Oklahoma Mixer'"
We can't forget that our Hiratsuka-sensei is actually a gorgeous adult. How can she be single (besides from her man-like strength and no-hold-back verbal abuse)?

To be honest, this episode was all about the appealing bishoujos. Trust me, they were all appealing. It was an eye-candy episode and my love for everyone only grew. Even Hikky's sister is actually quite the cute girl. He attitude is definitely a plus as well. Yui still reigns over all though! I'll probably just post the pictures at the end since there are quite a few of them.

This episode did conclude the Rumi arc by a test of courage in the woods. The plan didn't go exactly as the ultimate tactician Hikigaya thought it would but it served its purpose albeit even if it was a bit harsh. As long as the job was done, it was fine. Hikky didn't even get a thanks, but he did solve the problem. It was also funny watching Sai and Yui attempt to scare the kids. They failed so hard >_<

One key thing we got was a bro moment between Hayama and Hikky along with a little more info on his and Yukino's past. He mentions that he once was in a situation similar to Rumi's but all he could do was watch. He couldn't act. Now, it's easy to speculate that this has to do with Yukino being isolated and Hayama not being able to help her out. That's probably why she's cold to him.

The ending scene where everyone had just gotten back seems like the opening of some drama (woohooo!) involving Yukino. Her ever-so-gorgeous sister comes to pick her up and it's more obvious she's wearing her mask when she called out Yui.

This is one of those looks

She definitely isn't as friendly as she seems. I can only imagine she's actually a rotten person. Hiratsuka-sensei also seemed to have taught her in the past and she didn't seem to pleased when they had their little conversation. Maybe she knows how she really is?

Anyways, Yukino was called back to the house by their mom. Once she said that, Yukino gave a very troubled expression:

I have a feeling the d-o-r-a-m-a will step up with the coming episodes. I'm really looking forward to it! Is her relationship with her mother/family that bad? Why is she the way she is? Hopefully we'll find that out.

As they drove away, Hikky and Yui recognized the car as the one who hit him. So now we know 100% it was Yukino's car. Maybe he'll try to distance himself like he did with Yui.

Here, as promised, are the beautiful pictures. There are a lot soooo enjoy!

And that's it! Looking forward to next week's episode!


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  1. yes, 8man's plan didn't give the result he expect because Rumi's determination.

    talk about determination, she saved those girls with interesting reasons.