Monday, May 20, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 7 - Mikasa You Must Live! Eren the Titan??

Hello fellow titans! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which really puts the spotlight on Mikasa after she finds out about Eren's death as well as a new abnormal titan that makes its appearance.

The episode starts off by showing the ever-so-commanding captain trying to run away. He was the guy giving everyone shit commanding them and so on but now we find him trying to run away from this madness. Who can blame him? No one wants to get eaten by a titan. The deaths are brutal enough and if you have a chance, you should take it, right? Hmm...

There are even soldiers who have resorted to suicide as oppose to getting eaten by a titan. I guess it would be a much better way to die. Painlessly, quickly, and easy compared to what a titan will do to you. And yes, they still showed titans brutally killing soldiers in this episode. I'd say suicide is the best option in this case.

One of the key events this episode would be Mikasa when she finds out Eren is dead. Eren has been her support and reason for living this whole time. She is the reason she wants to survive. With him alive, she feels she can do anything so this news was a shock to her even if she didn't let it show.
She took charge of the remaining soldiers who were scared out of their minds and straight out said she is stronger than them. She announced she would kill all the titans by herself if she had to and called everyone cowards. Most people could see this as an epic speech similar to the one Eren used to get people pumped up but this wasn't the case here. Mikasa was broken. She began to lose it and was making rash decisions. She actually took on a huge responsibility by saying this without realizing it even though it did boost everyone's morale. The music that kicked in was perfect too!

Mikasa was being reckless even if she was taking out the titans. She gave no regard to her life at the moment  and she wasn't even thinking straight and it caused her to quickly use up all her gas which caused her to fall to the ground. Here she was approached by a titan as she had already resigned herself to death. Just as she was about to die, her body unconsciously evaded and cut the titan at the same time.

This isn't the Mikasa we love!

She didn't understand why she did that but quickly realized it was because of Eren. Eren told her to fight to survive. Fight to live to see tomorrow. She had given up and if she died, she wouldn't be able to remember Eren. She had gained her resolve once again and was ready to fight the titan head on. She wasn't scared of death anymore. She wanted to survive.

 But just as she was about to fight something very unexpected happened...

Another titan came out of nowhere and attacked the other titan. Why? Why is this titan so different? It doesn't even pay attention to Mikasa, Armin or Connie. It simple goes straight for the other titans.

So there's tons of speculation saying that this titan is indeed Eren. Him being able to transform into a titan opens up many possibilities. The colossal titan is actually living among them, the armored titan is living among them, and most of the other titans are actually living among them too. Do the higher ups know about this? Probably. Maybe they're trying some crazy experiment here. Will Mikasa turn into one as well since her and Eren probably were injected with the same thing? Or is Mikasa's a more successful attempt which is why she stays in her human form but has incredible speed and strength? This titan does give off a different feeling...

Hand-to-hand combat? When did titans learn this?
But how did Eren get there? Wasn't he inside that Santa Claus-looking titan? I'm still hoping he makes a grand entrance like slashing open its stomach but then how did he transform? If he transformed that is. Nothing is set in stone, but it's what most people are thinking including myself. It'll be interesting to see the answer over the next episode or so.

Anyways, another great episode filled with the tension that makes it what it is. The deaths, characters, and music are all there when it needs to be. The animation is superb and the art is wonderful. I'm really loving this show. Hope to see you guys next episode!



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