Monday, May 13, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6 - Mikasa the Badass + Her Past

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 6th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which finally showcases Mikasa and her skills as well as her past and how she came to be.

The episode starts off with Armin still in shock. He manages to gather himself a little bit just enough to move. He helps us see how crushed everyone is. The attack of the titans left nothing but bloodshed everywhere. He came across Hannah trying to give CPR to Franz, her lover. He wasn't breathing so this was the normal thing to do...which would be the case if that was all. Franz didn't have the lower half of his body. No way would he come back because of CPR. Hannah couldn't accept that which really just shows how much everything has gone to shits. Everything seemed hopeless.

Next we cut to Mikasa. A group of soldiers are trying to stop a titan but even though they are elite they couldn't catch up to it. It was running quickly towards a group of civilians. Mikasa, being the beast she is, had no trouble. She came out of nowhere and took down the titan with a single swing. She did something that even the elite guard could not and saved many lives.

It was even better seeing her tell off that greedy merchant who was preventing civilians from escaping. She went straight to his face and made him realize what he was doing. Mikasa is just too badass.
It was nice seeing her get thanked too from the girl and her mom. Mikasa truly did just save a whole bunch of lives not by just taking out the titan, but by allowing them to escape.

After this extremely epic performance, we delve into Mikasa's past where we find out how she came to be.
She lived a normal life, but one day, abductors came to her house and killed both her parents and ended up kidnapping her too. She is a rare breed, an oriental they called it and apparently, they can be sold for a lot of money. The day she was kidnapped, Eren and his dad were supposed to come for a visit. Instead they found the bloody scene and Dr. Jaeger told Eren to go home.
What made this crazy was that Eren didn't go home. He went to find Mikasa. The following scene was so unexpected but so important for Mikasa that it made her turn out the way she is today.

Mikasa learned that the world is merciless. She was able to throw out the hesitation she had after this realization and attack. It's probably how she's able to do the things she can do present day.

Dr. Jaeger ended up taking Mikasa into their family and that's how they ended up together. It's a very very tragic past that would scar anyone for life. These two young children killed at such a young age. Eren was bold (you could also say crazy) and it was either courageous or stupid but in the end, he saved Mikasa which is why she finds she has to protect him as she owes her life to him. Now we know why she's so attached to him (there's also the romantic feelings we can't rule out).

As she was contemplating to kill, you guys probably noticed the electric shocks and the strength/weight she gained prior to the attack. What was this?

I have a theory:

Dr. Jaegar seems like a well known doctor. In one of Eren's flashbacks, he's seen injecting something into him. Since he also apparently frequently visited the Ackermans, he could have been doing the same thing to Mikasa which could explain the scene where there are electric shocks and she somehow gains enormous strength enough to break the floor and the handle of the knife.

Now, I believe that the titans are man-made or at least people had a hand in making them. Since the titans are somewhat super-human (literally look like humans, but super-sized and have crazy strength and speed) it wouldn't be surprising if humans have been trying to utilize these abilities but they're failed attempts turned into what we see as titans (and only the higher-ups know about this obviously).

When they mentioned regeneration, and Eren lost his leg and arm, I immediately thought that Eren has the ability to regenerate, much like the titans do because of what his dad injected in him. That's how I believe he's going to come back since they obviously can't kill off our MC.

tl;dr Eren and Mikasa have titan-like abilities because of being experimented on by Dr. Jaeger or other higher-ups which makes them stronger, faster, and able to regenerate.

As for how he comes back either:

1) He bursts out of the titan unharmed as the titan is rampaging
2) Mikasa being the badass she is finds the exact titan that ate Eren and she cuts open his stomach and frees him whether he's unconscious or not.
3) Mikasa ends up fighting the titan that ate Eren and as things are looking grim, he cuts open the stomach himself and saves the day

I don't know if my thoughts got scrambled or if that's easy to understand but that's what I think. Anyways, at the very end of the episode we also see Mikasa continuing her badassness plus a birds-eye view of a bunch of titans she singlehandedly took out herself:

Mikasa = win. Best character<3
Anyways, see you guys next episode!



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