Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8 - Eren is Back!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 8th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which shows Armin finally being useful along with epic fights and the return of our MC.

Armin is actually an amazing person. Mikasa holds him in high regard when it comes to his ability to think things through and as a strategist. We get to see just how good he is this episode.

He devised a plan to use the abnormal titan in order to get to the HQ and it worked brilliantly. Once inside, he again devised a crazy, but amazing plan in order to take out 7 titans at once in order to secure resources and more gas.  

At first, everyone's spirits were incredibly low. What could they do against the titans? No gas, no weapons and everything seemed hopeless. Once Mikasa and Armin came and he came up with the plan, everyone's spirits raised. They became a little more positive and were ready to carry out this plan. It was do or die but they were ready for it. Either Mikasa's presence is that great or they finally feel like they have some hope.

The plan went almost perfectly. It was Sasha and Connie who messed up and hindered the plan. It was funny that Sasha still retained her jokes even in the face of death but still it sucked that it was her who messed up. I could care less about Connie lol.
Both Mikasa and Annie ended up taking those two titans out by themselves and saved them. It was epic and badass. I can only imagine Sasha getting some epic redemption later on in this series though.

After their epic escape, they came outside only to see the abnormal titan getting completely devoured. He wasn't able to regenerate but managed to take down one more titan (the one who killed one of their friends) in a brutal way.

After that it fell to the ground where something totally predictable happened: Eren was inside. Mikasa was the first to see this and the look on her face was indescribable. You could just see how relieved she was, yet unsure at the same time.

Now, I can't imagine what she's going through. When the one person who was the reason you were alive turns out to be alive, it's an indescribable feeling. Eren is the only one who can make Mikasa cry like that. She is the strong-willed straight-faced OP beautiful girl of this show and here she is in tears. It was a very touching moment.

In the end, Eren lived up to his word. Or at least so far. Whether he was in full control or not, he took out numerous titans all by himself. He did what others could not.

Now as for my theory regarding how this is possible, here it is:

The experiments that were carried out on Eren made him able to control the titan to an extent. It seemed like the same thing in Bleach where Ichigo became the full hollow form for the first time. Whether he transformed into it or something else we'll have to wait and see but from the way he had to pull his arms out, he seems like he was piloting it. The question is whether he did it consciously or unconsciously.
Maybe when he transforms, the titan may form around Eren? Who knows. It's something we'll find out as the show goes on and we're given more clues.

Another important key thing was where Eren was located:

Eren was located in the vital point of a titan. Now, this can really shed some light on who the titans are. If Eren can control them or be inside them like this, it's quite possible for others. The colossal and armored titan  could have humans controlling them like this too. If they're slashed in the back of the neck where the human would reside, that would explain why it's their weak point as it would mean the human would get slashed.

Anyways, this would make Eren the ultimate weapon. They would be smart to utilize him but according to the preview for next episode, they turn against him. Hopefully his friends/comrades stick with him. Eren swore revenge on the titans and hates them to the core so it'd be unlikely that he'd turn on them. We also get a new character next episode.

This show just keeps on getting better. I love how mysterious everything is seeing how little we know about the titans. The music, acting, animation, scenery, and everything else is spot on and it really keeps me interested.

Eren, the ultimate weapon
I'm really looking forward to the next episode. See you guys then!



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