Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 4 - Friend or Foe?

Sup guys! Today I'll be talking about the 4th episode of Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge which shows us 2 more authors.

The episode starts off with a little timeskip. Kiri-kun and crew are now all third years and most of them are in the same class. Even Byouinzaka is in their class.
Kiri was able to have a nice talk with Byouinzaka and told her that she shouldn't feel abnormal. She believes she isn't normal and that's why she's shunned but Kiri tells her to be more approachable and open. This really makes her feel better as no one has probably ever said that to her before.
She tries this out by reaching out to Iwai.

We're also introduced to two new authors and their insteads. We have the tuner and pianist whom are deaf and blind and we have the guy convicting criminals and sentencing them to death and a police officer who is supposedly his instead. She's quite cute actually.

The guy is able to hang people by using words and proclaming their criminal act. He demonstrates this by using it on the police officer.

The couple I assume has to do with the last note that she mentioned she couldn't play because she wants Iwai to come back. Maybe that note is the killing note.
The couple don't seem like bad people and they said they don't want their wish granted. But they also kill when they have to (as shown by the body they kicked into the hole).
I wonder what they're really after since they don't want their wish granted...

This episode we got some nice development for Byouinzaka and were introduced with some new characters. I'm still waiting for the ultimate bad guy instead of these minor villains and want to see how Mr. Dansai can hold up against smarter and stronger opponents.

See you guys next episode!



  1. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with anime reviews and this is the first article I am reading here, but is it normal for a review to have this few personal opinions?

    What I liked a lot is that you don't make noticeable grammatical mistakes, since I am a nazzi.

    1. Well, this is my first time trying to do something like this so it's really a big learning process. As for more personal opinions, I'll definitely take that into consideration when I'm making these. This specific one I did around 2AM so I could have rushed it a bit :P

      As for grammar I'm also a bit of a nazi myself but I'm not perfect at it haha. I can already see mistakes as I re-read this post.

      Thanks for the input though!