Saturday, April 20, 2013

Date a Live Episode 3 - The Date, The Death? The Seal

Yo! Today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of Date a Live which gives us the conclusion of the Tohka arc.

The episode starts off where we left off last episode. It's the ultimate date experience for Tohka. She doesn't even know a date is, but she enjoys herself to the max during this time. The amount of cuteness we received this episode is overkill and honestly, Tohka is just toooooooooooo cute of a character. Her VA does a perfect job (one of my favorite VAs) and everything is goes well together with tons of funny moments.

woof woof

Tohka has never experienced any of this before so watching her act like a child was priceless. The best part was when she threw out her trash and ran back to Shidou so he could pet her head. I almost died lol.

"Pat my head too, Shidou!" Hnggggg
We also got a cute glance at Kotori in a super cute outfit.

At the end of the date, Tobiichi had been watching the whole time and was now in a position to eliminate Tohka. Before she took the shot, Shidou noticed and pushed Tohka out of the way and instead he took the bullet and died in the process.

Shidou's apparent death caused Tohka to go berserk and she went straight to the source of the shot which was Tobiichi. Tobiichi still couldn't gather herself since she realized she killed someone and that someone was Shidou whom she obviously cared about. She was stuck in a state of shock.

Kotori seemed really calm about Shidou's death and states that he get's a chance to "continue" which obviously means he can't die. I wonder why...

The only way to stop Tohka and her berserk powers is to kiss and Tohka not knowing what a kiss was immediately did it once she learned how.

And that, was the first date Tohka and Shidou went on. Pretty epic huh? Date a Live continues to show off and overkill of moeness but mixed in with amazing action. Looking forward to the Yoshino arc next!

See you guys next episode!



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