Thursday, April 11, 2013

RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 2 - Izumiko Is Just A Vessel?

Yo guys! Tadashi here and it's time to talk about the 2nd episode of RDG: Red Data Girl.

This episode delivered a more creepy feeling and really began to show the plot and where this story is headed.

Izumiko goes on a class trip and while on this trip, she seemed to be followed by certain people. Maybe it's an organization of some sort? Maybe it's an evil cult? But from the various scenes, they are surrounded by a demonic back aura which is never a good sign.

The entire trip was filled with bad omens everywhere and I was surprises Miyuki didn't freak out like Izumiko did. She was scared to the point that it was almost literally like being "scared to death".

Her mom seemed to try and make contact with her as well but she was unable to because of them who remain unknown. Just how dangerous are they? How important is her mother as well? Does she have special powers like Izumiko but is able to control them?

Ancient spirit? Or something else
This scene actually tripped me out a little bit. I wasn't expecting a possessed Izumiko to show up with a ghostly aura. It's explained that this spirit is simply using or will be using Izumiko's body as a vessel. That's how special she is. From Yukimasa's reactions, she is some kind of omniscient being who should be treated with utmost respect.

The last two things I wanted to touch on were the relationship between Izumiko and Miyuki and also the creepy Wamiya.
And it begins!
You can slowly see their relationship forming. He is still the obnoxious foul-mouthed kid but he is slowly beginning to understand Izumiko. Although their personalities are opposites, they usually say opposites attract.
Creep level over 9000
Wamiya really is a creepy kid. For someone who didn't want to go on the trip, he is standing on top of the airport watching his class fly away. There is definitely something up with him. Maybe he's part of the organization that was tailing Izumiko? So many questions but this guy is definitely weird.

Overall we got a pretty good episode that even startled me a bit. Will Miyuki take Yukimasa's offer and return to the normal life? I doubt it. Looking forward to the next episode.



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