Thursday, April 04, 2013

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 1 - Demons and Judgement Day

Oi! Let's talk about the first episode of Devil Survivor 2, which lived up to the badass feeling I got from the PV and synopsis.

The designs looked great so far. The only thing that bugs me are the eyes of the characters but that's something I can easily look past.

The first episode covers the introduction of the Nicaea app, the main characters, more or less the plot, and some intense fighting.

This app has many registered users and you see just how terrifying it can be

The Nicaea app basically shows you a picture/video of another user/friend's death minutes before it actually happens. It's pretty creepy if you ask me.

The main character Kuze Hibiki turns out to be a good protagonist so far. He isn't someone who is indecisive or scared to act which is always a good trait for these kinds of shows. There's also Shijima Daichi and Nitta Io who are also part of the main cast. All of them familiar somewhat with the Nicaea application which is what ties them together.

Looks like an interesting group
I liked how dark and intense the story got within the first episode. The pacing was really good and we got to see a lot of things, yet we're still left wanting to see so much more. We got a good idea of the character's personalities and some good development for the plot of this show.

In the train station, we got our first glimpse of the demons in this show. They were wolf-like creatures with the intent to kill people. It turns out that the main cast is also able to summon their own demons to help aid them.

Our MC's summon demon/avatar is pretty overpowered so we get an overpowered MC from the start. He summons Byakko, which judging from their reactions, is something amazing and surprising at the same time.
Just by looking at Byakko, you can see how badass it looks and its strength and agility were proven in the fight.

It also seems that the user is somehow linked to the avatar as shown in the above picture. Hibiki had some kind of lightning power surround him and the same thing affected Byakko.

Also, who is this organization who seem to know all about these things. They mentioned something about Judgement Day. Hmm...end of the world?

A really good first episode with intense action and a glimpse of what's to come. I hope 13 episodes is good enough for this show and that the strong start isn't limited to just the start lol.



  1. wow,,, That remind me about Persona 4 anime,,

    btw we wantz 26 episode,, :D