Friday, April 12, 2013

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 2 - A Glimpse of Hikki's Past?

Yo! Tadashi here and right now I'll be talking about the 2nd episode of this long titled show.

Unfortunately, the episode didn't really progress the story much. We were introduced characters that weren't at all interesting when we would much rather see this trio duke it out with jabs at each other. The one thing I really like is the soundtrack, especially at the beginning when Hikki gives his little output on life and he is actually really spot on. Maybe kids can learn from this guy.

Yukinon, the super straightforward girl

I'll admit, I really wanted to see someone put this chick in her place. I hated seeing my Yui get talked down to like that. It was nice seeing Hikki attempt to stand up for her (but failed miserably LOL) but it was even better that Yui in the end told her how she felt. KUDOS!

8th Grade Syndrome...again
The latter half of this episode focuses on curing this guy's chuunib...I mean give their opinions on his latest novel. I'll admit, it wasn't the least bit interesting up until they started sharing their thoughts. It turned out to be a dagger to his heart, but it was hilarious. Hikki delivered the final cold blows by making it sound so...nice.

Next episode seems to introduce a new character wanting him to join the tennis club. I hope this show stays a love triangle but I always welcome a harem. Also, we  got a little insight on Hikki's past. It seems to have involved some kind of car accident? Looking forward to that backstory.

Now I'll leave you guys with some cute Yui<3

See you next episode!



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