Thursday, April 11, 2013

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 2 - 6 Days, 6 Enemies

Hey guys, Tadashi here and I'll be talking about the 2nd episode of Devil Survivor 2. We get some much needed info and the episode didn't feel rushed at all.

The group were brought into HQ and learned that these so-called demons are actually called Septentrion and that the world is only going to last for 6 more days. They need Hibiki and Byakko (which is one of the four Symbols of the Chinese constellations) to help them defeat the 6 main enemies in order to save the world.

That's a nice way to get someone to join your side
When they were attacked at the shelter, I was wondering whether or not he was going to use Byakko in front of all the people but he didn't hesitate to do so. Sako-san also lent a hand and used her demon to fight. This fight really opened up Hibiki's eyes to what he can do for the world. If it wasn't for the boy's thank you, I doubt he'd have the resolve he has now.

He seems OP but these are all just small fry
I also have a feeling that JPs are actually planning something more menacing or at least Yamato is. When it showed the scene of the guy saying he won't let Yamato  have his way, it brought up some suspicions.

Who is this guy on the left? 
 There's still tons of questions I have left but I'll wait and see how this show answers them. Another decent episode with some explanations and some okay fighting. It stiil just shows how beast Byakko is. I wonder who has the other 3 symbols of the Chinese constellations. And just how powerful are these 6 enemies?

Here's to hoping next week will provide a good episode with some good answers.



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