Friday, April 19, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 3 - The Culprit, The Earthquakes, and Chi-chan

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! which delivered another epic episode with tons of cute shots of our heroine. It also includes my newfound love Chi-chan <3

First I just wanted to say the opening scene where Emi leaves the key behind and Ashiya talks about how he would do it instead was hilarious. Emi of course left the key (being the hero) but Ashiya said he would take the key with him while Maou called him evil which is incredibly ironic since he is a demon.

While Emi was at work, she received a call from the culprit who shot at them the night before. His voice seemed really evil and he obviously knows about the Demon Lord and Hero situation. He mentions that Ente Isla would be better off without them two. Just who is this guy? He seems evil. but he can't be more evil than the Demon Lord...can he?

Another thing we find out is that there is a spell in Maou's world called Idea Link which is the ability to communicate with people in the human world as it sends some kind of sonar and the earthquakes that have been happening are a byproduct. Chi-chan has been hearing these voices as they try to communicate with Maou and Emi which means she is starting to become involved with the whole situation. I doubt she'll be just a bystander for long.

At the end during the earthquake, Maou was for some reason given his powers back and man is he jacked. He certainly fits the Demon Lord look but his personality has changed.

"Take care of Chi-chan"
" the Dark Lord saving people?"
As you can see, he is actually using his power for good which totally contradicts who he is and what he stands for. Emi is confused just as anyone else would be. Why the change of personality? Maou isn't as bad as he used to be. He's becoming soft! lol.

I'll finish this post off with pictures of my beautiful Chi-chan. Emi is cute as fuck but Chi-chan stole this episode. She goes on a date with Maou, they hold hands, and she basically confessed (or was about to) to Maou. She's shooo cute~

See you guys next episode!



  1. hahaha this episode was pretty good... i like animes like this.

    1. The mixture of comedy + action in this show is soooo well done. Probably one of my favorites this season :D