Saturday, April 27, 2013

Date a Live Episode 4 - The Hermit Arc Begins!

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 4th episode of Date a Live which starts us with the Yoshino/Hermit arc.

Yoshino is this cute little girl and she is the next target for Shidou. She's classified as a Hermit which are Spirits that usually run away and don't like fighting. It's very unfortunate for her that the ASTs are after her and are set out to kill her.

This episode also emphasized the moe-bomb that Tohka is. Everything she did and the ways she said things just made me explode. She has one of my top VAs too!
When Tobiichi basically one-up'd here and she reacted in a very shocked way it was hilarious.

Tobiichi: "He ate mine earlier by 0:02 seconds"
Tohka: "What did you say?!"

The classic traps laid out by Kotori were pretty amusing too. Again, Tohka's reactions...<3
I loved the part where Shidou thought that he could outsmart Kotori. Being her brother all these years had to have paid off is what he thought. When he offered her the bath bomb, Kotori trying to resist was hilarious!

We also started to get a little explanation of things. Shidou is able to seal Spirits' powers inside of him with a kiss. They establish an invisible link called a "Pass" and if Tohka's mental state gets a little crazy, she can regain her powers.

They still don't know the cause of this but it's all they could come up with after running some tests. I wonder why he's able to do this? What makes Shidou so special that he is basically invincible, and can store vasts amounts of power in him without it affecting him (so far). Why can Shidou interact with Spirits like that?

The ending provided us with the date that Shidou and Yoshino go on (by the way, Yoshino is the girl, and Yoshinon is the puppet). They also managed to kiss, but it didn't seal her powers away. Does there have to be some special requirement or setting for it to take place? Maybe she has to be going berserk like Tohka was when she had her powers sealed.
Yoshino indeed controls ice. Also, it pours rain whenever she's around too. Tohka upsets Yoshino (after she got into an argument with Yoshinon) and therefore made her use her special power which is a giant deadly rabbit. Good thing it isn't a fighting type since that thing looks deadly.

Overall, I liked the episode, but I also feel if I didn't read the LN, I'd be more lost. It feels as if the pacing is pretty fast and they tend to skip to situation-to-situation. The girl who keeps saying "gross" bothers me too lol. If you guys didn't notice, Yoshino lost her puppet too so next episode Shidou will be helping her find it in order to gain some points with her.

I'll leave with my favorite reaction this episode:

See you guys next episode!



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