Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo Kano Episode 2 - This Guy Is Just Too Lucky

SUP! Today, let's talk about episode 2 of Photo Kano.

This episode we got plenty of beauty shots of my favorite heroine so far, Haruka.

In episode 1, he talked about how the distance between these two had grown lately and he felt like it was only growing more. From this episode, we find out she doesn't want it to be like that. She wants them to be like how they were before, and she even said "I want you to see me" which points to an obvious meaning.

For now, I'm all for #TeamHaruka but who knows, later on that could change seeing how everyone herone is beautiful.

This episode, we're also introduced to Kano, who is Maeda's little sister and Muroto. Kano is cute as hell but it's a shame she's his sister since I'm not a huge fan of incest lawl. Muroto at first didn't appeal to me but the ending scene when she went all tsundere...hnggggg. I approve :)

This whole episode just makes me jelly of how lucky Maeda is. These girls go to him for pictures and whatnot...SO UNFAIR.

It just goes to show, he's obviously going to fap to these photos later on. C'mon...

Did someone say, rape?!
Another well done episode introducing more beautiful characters. This photography club spells out trouble for our MC but we all know what that means..

"Take my picture senpai"
"P-p-promise to not show anyone, okay?"
"I want us to be closer"

Damn, I'm pretty jealous lol. See you guys next episode.


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