Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hayate no Gotoku Cuties Episode 4 - Isumi and Sakuya

ELLO! Tadashi here and I'll be talking about the 4th episode of Hayate no Gotoku Cuties which focuses on Isumi and Sakuya.

As well all know, Isumi is a responsible girl, but she also has her other points. She can't use technology, is somewhat a special airhead, and has absolutely no sense of direction. This episode she wants a maid so we go through some funny gags in order for her to find the one.

This was the selected maid. It was required that she be smartphone-smart and she proves useful. When asked how she would solve a problem on the phone, her answer was "Google it" which made me lol. Such a normal answer and such an easy solution. Of course she wasn't hired and turned out to be a total dud but at least we got some laughs out of it.

Sakuya's half was a lot better and more interesting than Isumi's. It explains how Chiharu became her maid and how they met which was a really good story.

Sakuya is one of the more interesting characters but it's a shame she doesn't get much screentime. At least she's still around :P

Next episode we finally get to my favorite girl, Hina<3 Hopefully it will be a way better episode than the rest. I'm also hoping for some romantic developments between her and Hayate! Ahhhh Hina<33

Anyways, see you guys next episode!



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