Thursday, April 04, 2013

Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince Episode 1 - The Fail Five

What's up guys! I'm here to talk about the first episode of Majestic Prince.

The first episode introduced the 5 main characters and the current battle that is going on. I'm not gonna lie, I love this group of characters and how well they blend together. My favorite has to be Tamaki (VA of Index, Maria, etc. and pictured on the far right below) as she is a total ditz but sooo cute and lovable.

Izuru, the main MAIN character (guy pictured in the middle) is this group's leader but doesn't have many leader-like qualities. In fact, wanting to "be a hero" is definitely not a good quality to have especially when you're fighting a war. Even the entire group wasn't enthusiastic with this decision.

Their group is known as the Fail Five for their lack of results and always failing their objectives but for some reason, they were selected to go out on a very important mission.
When they announced this, I couldn't help but feel that either

a) they were going to be guinea pigs or just be used and be left for dead
b) they all have some hidden potential that only the commander knows about

And it while we still don't know the reason, it seems as if the commander had a feeling it would turn out the way it did.

The mechas turned out to have a very very amazing and sleek design. I was surprised at how detailed they were. Not to mention it seems they all have their own unique abilities.

I love shows that have a person or group of persons start from the bottom with no expectations rise to the top. That's what this show looks like it's doing. The Fail Five ended up doing something no one thought they could do. They were only supposed to buy time but instead, they did something amazing.
Not to mention the animation for this grand space battle was superb. Everything was top-notch and I found myself screaming like a little schoolgirl after every shot.

You'd think that with their skills they wouldn't be labeled as the Fail Five but yet they
It could have to do with the suits they're piloting since this Juvia system functions with your DNA.

The above picture sums it all up. I love these reactions in any show. I really hope they get more recognition but I don't know if it would be for them since this group doesn't seem to feel the seriousness of battle. Our MC Izuru rushed in wanting to be a hero which usually ends up getting you killed.

Overall, I really like this group of friends, but the animation was really meh at best (besides the epic space battle which is where most of the budget seemed to go lol). I won't be dropping this anytime soon so I look forward to a new episode every week.



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