Saturday, April 13, 2013

Date a Live Episode 2 - Tsundere Tohka Makers Her Appearance

Oi guys! Tadashi here and let's talk about episode 2 of Date a Live. We're about midway through the Tohka arc and so far, it's been great.

Congrats on beating the game

Shidou continues with his training and I'm glad they didn't leave out him trying to hit on Tama-chan. Clearly, a 29 year old single woman would think of amazing things when promised marriage xD

They skipped some scenes to get to Tohka in the building but it was necessary in order to fit what happens in this episode.

Once they were at the part with Shidou talking to Tohka, Tohka's tsundere side finally began to show and DAMN is she hard to resist.

Tsundere Tohka<3
Shidou was able to tell her that he won't reject her and that immediately changed how she felt about him. She was slowly starting to accept that maybe all humans don't want to kill her.

Date! Date! Date! Date!
Next episode we'll get to see Tohka and Shidou's date and it's going to be a feat for your eyes. The ending of Tohka's arc hopefully won't be butchered and they'll do it properly. I'm telling you guys, it's going to be good.
See you guys next episode!



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