Thursday, April 04, 2013

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 1 - The Hair Fetish Show

Sup guys! It's Tadashi here and I'm going to be reviewing episode 1 of Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge. 

So the show starts off with the male lead Kiri Haimura having heard rumors of a ghost with beautiful hair and because he took the wrong bus, ended up checking this rumor out for himself. Why? 
Turns out this guy has a HUGE hair fetish lol. He also ends up walking towards the greenhouse room where she is with scissors looking like a murderer...creepy.

The girl he encounters is named Iwai Mushanokouji and she is stunningly beautiful with her long hair.

Her hair turns out to be impossible to cut which poses a problem for Kiri and his hair fetish (poor guy lol).

This doesn't stop him from trying to cut it, and he uses multiple pairs of scissors but none of them work. This also doesn't stop him getting excited to the point where he looks like he is about to hit the point of no return.

"OoOoOoOo your hair..."
Does anyone else find the 2 girls who stormed in to be fishy? Iwai said they were murderers but how much of that is the truth? Later on in the episode we find out that one of them do possess what is called a Killing Good which is a cursed weapon and they are in fact pretty ruthless.

Kiri also turns out to have his own cursed Killing Good weapon himself which are of course, his pair of scissors and yes, he ends up finally being able to cut her hair. By the way, this has got to be the most dramatic hair cutting I've ever seen.

From beautiful long hair loli... beautiful short hair loli
During the post credits, there's a man who gets a phone call and he then announces that the game has started. I can only hope this brings about a more dark and deadly atmosphere like the one I was hoping for.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge brought an incredibly weird yet captivating first episode that caught my eye. I'm looking forward to covering this show weekly!



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