Friday, April 26, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 4 - The Dark General, Lucifer

SUP guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 4th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama which again delivers another high-quality episode that always keeps the viewer interested.

It starts off with a little backstory on Emillia. It shows her as a child living with her dad in a very peaceful village. It's revealed that she's the daughter of an angel which basically makes her the chosen one in order to defeat the Dark Lord. She didn't have much of a choice in becoming the Hero and once her dad and village were killed and destroyed, she immediately wanted to learn how to use the sword.
The cost of becoming the Hero wasn't small as it looked like she didn't enjoy it. It made it seem like it was something that was forced upon her.

This is definitely not a happy look for Emi. She seemed to have gone through many rough trials and all of this was so she could one day kill the Dark Lord. It was almost like she did it out of hate for what he did to her father. In a way, it's very understandable.

This leads up to the where they are in Maou's apartment and Emi begins to open up to Maou. She questioned why he did such evil things when in the human world he's nothing like how he was in Ente Isla. Here he helped people, was looked up to by people, and even made Chiho fall for him. Everything he's done is opposite of who he really is which understandably left Emi really confused and conflicted.
What made it worse was Maou's answer. All he could simple say was sorry. He said he didn't really understand people and honestly, that doesn't make up for everything he's done. Emi was about to go beserk and explode but luckily, Chi-chan and Assiel broke the tension but it sparked a very interesting event.

First, Chi-chan took the situation the wrong way seeing how Maou was in his boxers and ran away crying (Nooo Chi-chan</3) but then Miki-T, the landlord showed up. There was always something off about her, but I didn't expect her to know about the demons and Idea Link.
She mentioned it so casually that it threw Maou, Emi, and Assiel off but before they could ask about it, she left.
Who is Miki-T? Why does she know about these things? What connection does she have?
There are tons of questions regarding who she is that will hopefully be answered soon.

This episode also revealed who was behind all the happenings in the city. The demon that wanted to get rid of Maou and Emi was none other then Maou's general, Lucifer.

It seems like he wants to surpass Maou. How does he have his powers? He mentions that he'll feed off Chi-chan's emotions. Maybe that's how they'll be able to manifest their magic powers. But how did Maou get his powers inside the mall?

In conclusion, the episode brought many excellent high quality developments.
I loved all the gags that are still present, especially between Maou and Assiel (when he asked Maou to use Dullahan, Maou said "permission granted" which made me lol).
The development of the characters is going at such a smooth pace. You can already see Emi breaking down her Hero-esque nature and begin to fall for Maou (i.e. the bathtub scene when she asks "what is this warmth").
There's also the amount of tension that the show brings. I really can't wait for the next episode as it promises to be a very interesting encounter between Maou who will now team up with Emi, the Hero, and his former general Lucifer who was the one responsible for killing Emi's dad and hometown.

Oh, and here's loli Emi<3

See you guys next episode!



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