Wednesday, April 03, 2013

RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 1 - Just Who Are You, Izumiko Suzuhara?

Yo guys! Finally, the Spring 2013 season has started! I'm going to be kicking it off by starting with episode 1 of RDG: Red Data Girl.

First off, hats off to you P.A. Works for another high quality animation (these were the guys that brought us Angel Beats, Hanasaku Iroha and Tari Tari). The artwork is amazing, and in the opening sequence you can already tell how gorgeous it's going to be. And it's not just the scenery, the character designs are top-notch just like they should be.

The main character, Izumiko Suzuhara, voiced by Saori Hayami (Sawa from Tari Tari, Sachi from SAO) is a super shy, quiet and soft-spokened girl. She has been sheltered all of her life and holds a mysterious title of Himegami (in the synopsis, it says she is the last representative of the Himegami goddess but what does that mean?).
She doesn't want all the attention she gets and she just wants to live like a normal girl. It also seems her mom is travelling or moving place to place while her dad is working and can't be with her so she is living in the shrine with her grandparents.

The boys in Izumiko's class are all the prime definition of bullies. In the scene where she was hit in the head by the ball, no one apologized but instead they made fun of her and her hairstyle.

At least her friends stuck up for her. The guy who came over to retrieve the ball, Wamiya, strikes me as a bit fishy. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there is more to him than meets the eye...

It also seems that Izumiko has a special power which basically allows her to kill electronics as shown in the classroom. That alone would definitely make her feel incredibly different and would result in her being

Now onto the Yukimasa/Miyuki part. Seems like Yukimasa is all for Izumiko getting whatever she wants to be happy. He had brought his son over to be her "servant" and he wasn't too pleased with it. He ended up storming out of the room angry and upset but...

Parenting - doing it wro...right?
...something seemed to have changed his mind. I wonder what that could be.. (please tell me you get what happened lol).

His attitude towards the whole situation is very understandable though. His old life was basically taken away by Izumiko and her "needs" and his own father even prioritizes her over his son. He won't be able to see his old friends, house, etc. I know I'd be pissed too if all of a sudden things turned out that way.  
You can really tell he dislikes her though, since even when they were kids he despised her and thought she was an ugly dumb girl with braids. 

She just wants to be a normal girl! T_T
I really wonder how this whole situation is going to play out. Himegami goddess? Magic monks? The ability to "kill" electronics and whenever there is a shrine related scenario, it usually involves some secret.
Overall, this was a pretty good first episode which displayed P.A. Works amazing ability to make gorgeous art and they also left us with plenty of questions to keep us tuned in for the next episode.



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