Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 1 - Just Woah

Yo guys! Tadashi here with episode 1 of Kakumeiki Valvrave. It delivers a mixed episode along with some similar scenes from past shows.

The beginning of the show was the normal everyday school life of a group of students who don't live on Earth, but rather a colony like place. And yes, this had very Gundam-like feels to it. A lot IMO.

Our MC is a very Kira Yamato/Shu type MC who doesn't like fighting at would rather things be settled peacefully. He is also head over heels for this girl named Shoko (VA of Chihaya <3) and is just about to confess his feelings for her.

Unfortunately, and right on cue, it was interrupted by a surprise attack. As cute as Shoka was, she was almost immediately killed off </3 and it led to our MC growing a pair of balls. He boarded the Valvrave machine and threw away his humanity by becoming its pilot. By humanity, you'll see later on.
(By the way, I don't believe she's dead. I have a feeling she was saved by some unknown group and will probably wake up "not remembering" who she is or something along those lines).

It's another MC who all of sudden is able to pilot this highly complex mecha (probably because of what was injected in his neck as he accepted the terms) and fought off the invaders that attacked them. He was praised by everyone since he was broadcasted around the city and many people recognized him. Social media can really spread things fast.

The fight scene itself was at best, above average but I'm hoping it improves in the future episodes. I also can't wait to see the "higher-ups" reactions to this random school boy piloting their top secret Valvrave machine.

The post credits scene was probably the most interesting part. L-Elf killed Haruto almost immediately with no hesitation whatsoever. He even finished him off with some gunshots only to be bitten in the neck unexpectedly like a vampire. He also mentions a D-Zero. I wonder who that is?

Since it's a mecha show, I'll probably stick around with this for awhile. See you guys next episode!



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