Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode 2 - The Super Mecha and the Monster

Yo! Today I'll be talking about episode 2 of Kakumeiki Valvrave which delivered an almost preditable revival along with a super golden mecha lol...

Haruto wakes up in L-Elf's body (lolwtf) thanks to his new found vampire powers and attacks L-Elf's comrades. Now they believe L-Elf betrayed them and they're out to get him.

The amount of rage the guy must be feeling must be huge. He just lost an eye hahahaha.

Anyways, so Haruto ends up back in the mecha but this time with Saki and she suggests that in order for him to get back into his original body, he has to repeat how he got into it in the first place. The idea was so obvious that I didn't expect it at all and they played it off like it was nothing. Blew my mind a bit.

Haruto is still a shit pilot, but somehow can miraculously start piloting like a pro out of nowhere which kinda confused me. He manages to take out several machines and stays alive.

During the fight, he gets a phone call and decides to answer it (yes, in the middle of battle, while at gunpoint, he takes a call). Turns out Shouko is alive and SOMEHOW managed to survive the explosion by getting in a car. I don't know what kind of super speed she has or how much the goddess of luck is on her side by damn that's lucky.

"I promise I'll  be back for you"

I lol'd at this scene. Just think about it. This girl was supposedly dead and you're digging for her body or what's left of her. No contact with anyone. Then BAM she pops out of the ground perfectly fine. That awkward moment when...lol.

I just lost it when he went super mecha here. He turned all gold, his output had to pass 666 (super random) and it enabled him to transform into this. I wonder what else they're going to pull in this show lol.

And we can't forget the ending. It all really came down to Haruto telling Shouko how he feels about her. Too bad last second he choked and said something about her shirt instead. I get it. You're a monster now. But you spent this whole time, risking lives, ending lives, and you even gave your body to a machine just so you could avenge her or see her again. It's too bad he feels this way. The moment was perfect and if he pulled it off, it would have won points with me.

Hopefully next episode will be better and we'll get some explanations too.

See you guys next episode!



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