Saturday, April 06, 2013

Photo Kano Episode 1 - Amagami's Spiritual Successor?

Yo guys, it's Tadashi here I'm I'll be talking about episode 1 of Photo Kano. For those of you who have seen Amagami, this show is just full of the same vibes.

First off, the OP and ED are beautifully done. The songs are amazing and super catchy and the designs in them look fantastic.

The main lead, Maeda Kazuya just inherited a camera from his dad and now see's everything and everyone as photo subjects.

We get a nice look at the many heroines that this show has to offer and boy are they gorgeous. My favorite so far is Nimi Haruka, the tennis ace, but who knows if that will change. Her VA is the same as Sena from Haganai too!

She's beautiful :')

There's also another heroine I've taken a liking to. Masaki Nonoka who is the softball ace.

Kazuya ends up joining the Photography Club after a long and hard decision(lol) and honestly, I think this club is going to be hilarious. They seem like they're going to turn Kazuya into a photo pervert.

Kazuya's sister also seems like a very interesting character. She reminds me of the Arraragi sisters in the monogatari series. Cute, outgoing, and cute. Did I mention cute? :D

The ending scene with Misumi in the classroom crying...I have my thoughts but I think it's because Haruka was one of her only friends or first person to talk to her but lately she's been busy doing other things and hasn't had time to hang out with her. She feels as if she's drifting away and slowly losing her but that's where our MC comes in.

Overall it was a good first episode where we get some good fanservice, beautiful girls, and an intro to the club. The plot is still unknown but I can almost see something developing. I'm looking forward to covering this Amagami successor every week.



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