Saturday, April 06, 2013

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 1 - The Volunteer Club

Yo guys! Tadashi here and I'm excited to talk to you guys about episode 1 of this show with a long ass name lol.

What I like is that the MC isn't afraid to hold back when saying things and he seriously fits in well with Yukino. Their conversations are awesome and have tons of hilarious points.

Yukino is the girl who has everything. Grades, looks, and tons of guys fawning over her but what she doesn't have is friends. I can see why other girls would be jealous of her too. That is why she spends her time alone and isolated from everyone else which is also why Hikki (main lead) should be able to relate. The one thing I do like about her is her honesty like Hikigaya mentioned. She will never lie to herself so when she was caught off guard being praised for it, she got all flustered and it was cute.

Another character that showed up was Yui whom I've taken an incredible liking to. Her VA is Yune from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee and I've always liked her voice. It seems she's already developed some feelings towards our MC because of what he's done for her so far.

She is just too cute <3
The back and forth argument between Yui and Hikki was hilarious too. "You fucking slut" had me dying of laughter.

Hikigaya seems to be someone who's experenced a lot of things in the past which has made him who he is today. With experience comes words of wisdom and he's able to dish out some excellent advice to Yui.

In conclusion, I loved the first episode. It was a nice change to see a love triangle instead of a harem show and I'm hoping it stays that way. Really looking forward to covering this weekly!

Here's some friendly advice before I go: Never talk about a woman's age lol.



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