Thursday, April 25, 2013

RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 4 - More Than Meets The Eye In This School

Sup guys! Today I'll be talking about the 4th episode of RDG which really picked up and become about 10x more interesting. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The episode starts off with Izumiko getting a little more familiar with her new school, roommate, and surroundings. Her roommate, Mayura, brings up the idea of "reinventing" themselves so Izumiko decides to take off her glasses for a change. The thing about her glasses is that it's some kind of charm that her mother gave her since without them, she's able to see more of those creepy things/spirits.
During class, she noticed one of them and it decided to confront her and told her to go to the audiovisual room.

It turned out to be a homunculi of the top dog in the school Takayanagi and he is some sort of sorcerer.
What we've learned so far is that in this school, it isn't just normal humans. There are students with powers (including Mayura and her twin Manatsu) and some are good, and some are most likely bad.

Takayanagi even laid out a trap that severely injured Mayura and even Sagara. His website is also a way to gain followers. This guy is definitely up to something...that or he really does just want to be on top of everyone.

Sagara and Manatsu barging into the girls dorm without a second thought and without a care in the world was nice to see as well. Manatsu clearly cares for his sister (and yes, I get the feeling it's in a non-incest way lol) while Sagara wants a little revenge on Takayanagi.

When Mayura started crying it hurt my heart. I felt so bad and she was so helpless.

Who is Masumi? This show talks about possession a lot so I have a feeling it could be their dead brother but  using that body as a vessel. We'll probably find out next episode.

Annnnd next episode promises a fight between Takayanagi and Sagara + co. Hopefully it'll be a very entertaining one but I doubt we'll get rid of him easily.

I really like the pace of the show and how quickly it was able to bring us back into an exciting world where we're left wondering so many things. You can also see the relationship between Sagara and Izumiko growing. He doesn't just dismiss everything she says nor is he easily frustrated like before. I'm hoping the development will continue at a nice pace. Oh, and Izumiko definitely looks better without her glasses :)

See you guys next episode!



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