Thursday, April 18, 2013

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 3 - A Demon That Can Speak and Control?

Yo guys! Today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of Devil Survivor which delivers a rather well done episode.

First off, I just wanted to laugh at this guy right here. Keita, 16 year old summoner introduced this episode. He also dies this episode lol. His attitude was pretty stuck up but somewhat cool. They thought they had prevented his death the first time but with him playing hero and pushing Hibiki out of the way, he ends up dying. Maybe he isn't really dead? Petrified? Who knows but it's a shame either way.

Look guys I'm useless!
Another thing I'd like to note is that Hibiki isn't afraid to speak up. It was shown in the HQ that he wasn't afraid to question things or ask questions. He didn't seem bothered by any of the responses either and was able to keep his head clear and able to think. Great trait.

It was obvious who the hacker was from the beginning, but she was being controlled  by a demon that could speak? Is it one of the 6 that have to be defeated? There's a lot of questions I have.

Next episode looks like it's going to get serious. Hopefully the action doesn't disappoint and the two sub MCs get some decent screentime.

See you guys next episode!



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